About Us





Jake started Classic Photo Booths in 2011 in Palm Desert, CA. Starting off with a clunker of an enclosed photo booth he purchased with savings, he hauled the 500lbs machine around Southern California. Shortly after Jake and his grandfather developed a collapsible, yet hard shelled enclosed booth. This made entry into venues and set-ups much easier, expanding the location availabilities for this style photo booth.


A year or so later the photo booth industry was transitioning to open photo booths, thankfully! He then purchased an open style photo booth and began experimenting and learning all the ins and outs.




Around 2014, Jake saw a void in unique photo booth designs, most of them all looked the same, across all suppliers. He then handcrafted his Vintage Open Booths that he still rents today. At this time, Palm Springs & Joshua Tree were becoming popular wedding destinations and these photo booth designs were a perfect marriage. From here, Classic Photo Booths took off.


Over the past decade Jake has built dozens of booths, gained a vast knowledge of the photo booth industry through trial & error, experience, and hard work.




Jake’s handcrafted photo booths have been humbly a part of dozens of celebrity weddings and events. His handcrafted booths have been on TV shows like Kenan (NBC), Vanderpump Rules (Bravo TV), and Sweet Life (HBO).


He has built a strong reputation amongst event planners across the Southern California area. He has gained the trust of elite event planners and his rental company is #1 in the Coachella Valley and is a preferred vendor for dozens and dozens of venues in the Desert, Malibu and Orange County. This has lead to features in People Magazine, providing photo experiences for exclusive Coachella parties like REVOLVE, and long term clients like La Croix Water, Coffee Bean corporate, Titos Vodka, and many others.




And now to the creation of Palm Photo Booths. Jake and his wife, and business partner, Chelsea were fortunate enough to travel quite a bit in their 20’s. While at airports Jake kept taking notice to the shape and design of the Clear Kioks. For years he wanted to develop a photo booth with this look, but didn’t have the time. Then came COVID and ample amounts of time!


For the past two years Jake has been developing Palm Booths. After piles of crumbled up sketches, life size sketches on the bathroom wall, a few CAD Designs and a handful of prototypes, we now offer you and your business the MIRAGE BOOTH and LIDO BOOTH.




Built from a decade of user experience, our photo booths offer you a simple plug & start operation. Making your set-ups quick and easy for a DSLR and Mirror Booth.


Our design is sleek and modern, inspired by Scandinavian furniture design and simplistic modern curves, our booths are designed to be placed at high-end events, allowing you to charge a premium. 


We want you to stand apart from the dime a dozen photo booth shapes and designs. And we don’t want you to sell yourself short. With the MIRAGE or LIDO booth you can brand your business to reflect a luxury lifestyle and offer premium pricing.


We also don’t want you to break the bank trying to expand your business, that’s why we’ve positioned our pricing to be competitive against the leading photo booth manufacturers. All while you can elevate your pricing and earn a larger return.


We’re here to help you along your journey and give you as many tips and advice as we can from our decade plus of experience. We’re always a phone call, Zoom meeting, or text away.


Thank you and cheers to boothing!


Jake Pratt, Owner